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Everything on here is written by myself, David Mikula, in the place where dreams come true. I’m often caught making up new words, and reading things like The Sartorialist or Swiss Miss. Learning how to dress myself is my newest goal, along with the thing’s I’d like to do before I’m 25 / 30.

The Not-So Arbitrary Stuff

I’m an Sr. Designer / Art Director for Digitaria.

It took a while, but I’m finally living in Portland, OR, where I am constantly amazed at everything going on around me. This place is so beautiful, charming, exciting, and interesting… as long as I live in the states, I don’t want to live anywhere else.

I have a unhealthy fascination with the Pacific Northwest, growing gnarly beards, Japan, and Nessy.

I lived in Californiafor 22 years.

My last name originated in Czechoslovakia, before the Velvet Divorce, from which I am 1/4 blood. It’s like Smith over in Eastern Europe.

Attended the McDonald’s of art schools - the glorious Art Institute franchise. Quite the expensive happy meal, eh?

I have a genetic bone disease called Osteogenesis imperfecta that sort of prevented me from doing anything outside when I was a prepubescent young man. I generally stuck to my imagination, reading, girls, BBS’s, MUD’s, and old school internet for kicks.

Here’s my vCard if you want it, stay in touch if you have it.

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