Best Conversation, Ever.


Krysten: i got stung by a bee this weekend
Me: that’s a terrible thing to be stung by
Me: where’d it sting you?
Krysten: my head
Me: face?
Krysten: top
5:00 PM
Me: in your large forehead?
Krysten: my huge forehead, yes
Krysten: no, like, the top of my head
Me: haha, that really sucks
Me: i’ve never been stung in the head
Me: and i was only kidding about your fivehead
Krysten: i have before. by a wasp, four times
Me: are you fucking kidding?
Krysten: no
Krysten: i almost drowned too
Me: at the same time?!
Krysten: yes

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