Strangley Beautiful - Sushi Cam


Ignore the American couple that decided to do this, but watch as the camera goes around the whole sushi bar, kitchen, and back.



David Cook: we definitely need to cut down on the interior views
David Cook: this is madness
Me: madness?
Me: IS

David Cook: haha
Me: i just made my self lol
Me: sweet

Matt’s War Cry


Me: war cry tim!
Me: time*
Matt James: can i give ya a quick ring?

Me: please do
Me: just finished laughing

a-ha! Things that i do.


Everyone posts about how long it’s been since the last time they post, so I’m going to stray away from it and get right into what’s been going on (even though I really just put it out there to check how long it’s been, therefore negating the purpose of typing the previous sentence).

I’ve launched two small and relatively personal projects.
The Things I Remember and The Conversations I have; both updated on a daily basis since I’ve launched. Please bookmark them, and share with people that would find them as entertaining as you.

Other than that, I just got back from my trip to Portland and Seattle not too long ago. Most of the photos worth while are here. Enjoy.

Best Conversation, Ever.


Krysten: i got stung by a bee this weekend
Me: that’s a terrible thing to be stung by
Me: where’d it sting you?
Krysten: my head
Me: face?
Krysten: top
5:00 PM
Me: in your large forehead?
Krysten: my huge forehead, yes
Krysten: no, like, the top of my head
Me: haha, that really sucks
Me: i’ve never been stung in the head
Me: and i was only kidding about your fivehead
Krysten: i have before. by a wasp, four times
Me: are you fucking kidding?
Krysten: no
Krysten: i almost drowned too
Me: at the same time?!
Krysten: yes

Silly Jew Rubbish…


So today I was inviting friends to see my Google Calendar and share events and such, moving around the interface making sure it’s someting I want to use permanently (and it is)… when I look at my buddy Jeremy’s calendar and see random dates with what looks like lipsum or something.

Me: what’s up with your calendar?
Jeremy Kendall: whats up with it
Me: it has random dates with rubbish? like Rosh Chodesh Iyyar
Me: or Pesach I
Jeremy Kendall: racist… lol… its jewish holidays
Me: hahaha, silly jew boy!
Jeremy Kendall: crap, i cant un-import calendars …. we might be stuck with the jewish holidays.. lol
Me: no clear calendar?
Jeremy Kendall: no cause i integrated it into my main one
Jeremy Kendall: didnt realize there was 5000 jewish holidays
Me: haha
Me: i seriously thought it was like lipsum or something
Jeremy Kendall: haha
Jeremy Kendall: phew, that was a lot of work…. got rid of the dirty jew holidays…
Me: haha, good.

Easy mistake, right?

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