Graphic Airlines


Graphic Airlines

GraphicAirlines is a Hong Kong-based creative team consisting of two people, Tat and Vi. They use every available medium as a canvas, covering street, paper, and screens with characters. Tat must be doing something right as he’s won the Threadless tee design competition an impressive nine times.

Step it up.


Attention designers: If you have to describe why you’re showing a certain piece of work, it shouldn’t be there. Whether it’s in your portfolio, an email applying for a job, or even on behance—you’re doing yourself a disservice by showing something you obviously know mediocre. Your work should speak for itself. Also, make sure your art has a strong message. If you need to write a word in your artwork that describes the message your piece is trying to achieve—start over.

“Why am I half way into writing an essay about a piece of work that’s not my best?” If it isn’t the best, leave it out. If it is your best, you should probably step it up.

Tunnel House


Tunnel House - ProjectTunnel House - ProjectTunnel House - Project
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Michel Gondry - HP


Marcos Chin


“Marcos Chin graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1999. His client list has included The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, New York Times, and Sports Illustrated. Award annuals such as The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts and Applied Arts have recognized his work.”

Chin’s illustrations have helped brand Lavalife’s international advertising campaign, appeaing on subways, billboards, print and online. Early this year, these images were animated and shown in London, England’s “Trafalgar Square”.

Marcos Chin



The folks over at The Barbarian Group created a rad iTunes visual plugin. Check it out.
“Here is this thing that does stuff in iTunes. There is magnetism, there is gravity, but on top of all of that, there is awesomeness. Watch as all the dots and ribbons go bouncy bouncy when you play music and trigger this mo-fo of a visualizer. This is the future of visuals. God help you if you smoke the reefer cause you can kiss your productivity goodbye.

By the way, don’t go crazy with the A and S keys - they add or subtract a hundred particles at a time - tap once or twice and wait for the results. If it starts acting poorly because you hit a bunch of keys, just quit and restart.”

Gamma Slamma


Gamma SlammaShealan Forshaw just released an update to Gamma Slamma. It’s a brilliant little app that lets you batch remove Gamma information from PNGs.

“By simply dragging a PNG file onto the GammaSlamma icon, a new version will be created automatically with all that nasty Gamma information removed, making PNGs perfect for flash without having to hassle with levels and stripping manually.”

Eric So + Moto


Eric So
Motorola acquired the talents of artist/toy designer Eric So to create a few special designer toy figures for Motorola. The toys are for a special Asia exclusive release for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as a giveaway prize for those wanting to sign up for a new network provider. The toys are of Chinese stars Jay Chou and Zhou Xun holding the Moto 36 and MOTOKRZR Motorola phones. They are limited to only 2,000 figures. So for those in Asia looking for a new contract with a wireless network, look out for these toys when signing up. - Via HypeBeast
Eric So

What’s On Toyota’s Mind


What’s On Toyota’s Mind

Mr. Toledano


Mr. Toledano

Mr. Toledano is amazing. About a year ago, I posted pictures of his baby suit, and now he launched an incredibly wonderful site. Very elegant, very simple, very fresh.

Mr. Toledano

“I believe that everything should start with an idea, whether it be a single image, or a series. I also believe that a photograph should be like an unfinished sentence. there should be space for questions.”

Mr. Toledano

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