Japan, Planning the trip.


We’re planning the trip of all trips to Japan, flying into Tokyo in mid-November, leaving two weeks later, and I’ve never been so stoked in my life. If you have any ‘must visit’ spots in Japan, post a comment and let me know. I don’t really want to plan a day-by-day itinerary or anything, but I want to get a list of awesome places/shops/restaurants/galleries/etc so that we can make the most out of our trip.

Planning a “What would you do if you lived there” trip mixed with tourist attractions is effing great. So much research and awesomeness you never knew existed.
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StarCraft 2 - Is real.


It’s unfuckingbelievable, and I’ve never been so stoked about a game in my life. The trailer gave me chills. :\

StarCraft II has some big shoes to fill - is there added pressure in developing a follow-up to one of the most beloved games of all time?
We recognize that the bar is set pretty high, but this type of pressure is not new to us. Warcraft III had to follow in the footsteps of Warcraft II, and Diablo II had to follow the original Diablo. Creating a StarCraft game that’s bigger and better than the original is definitely a big challenge, but it’s one that we fully intend to meet and exceed.

Starcraft 2

Go. Now.



David Cook: we definitely need to cut down on the interior views
David Cook: this is madness
Me: madness?
Me: IS

David Cook: haha
Me: i just made my self lol
Me: sweet

StarCraft 2 Beta By Year’s End?


I know this sounds like complete shit, but it makes me hopeful. I remember this rumor started going around in, like, 99′… I don’t care. Starcraft:Broodwar was one of the best games I’ve ever played, let alone had a year+ fun playing. Head-to-head strategy games are always lacking something, and the only other game that compared to Startcraft was Warcraft II. If these rumors are true, I’ll be spending much less time away from the computer photoshop. I hope Josh and Dan would want to play. :)
“According to Fighter Forum, StarCraft 2 continues the story of the original and adds a new race based on Kerrigan, making a total of four races. While that wouldn’t be totally off the mark, we figured the new race would be more the super-race mix between Zerg and Protoss rather than Zerg and Terran or at least the mystically advanced Xel’Naga. The three older tribes will each be receiving around two additional units.

The report also claims that Blizzard plans to shut down its original StarCraft servers in order to ensure the success of the sequel.

As popular as StarCraft was on these shores, it doesn’t come close to the enthusiasm the game still enjoys in Asia, where televised, professional matches are held regularly. Blizzard has an event coming up in Korea where they are expected to make a large announcement, so it could very well be that the company has chosen the area where StarCraft is the most popular to announce its sequel.” - via IGN

a-ha! Things that i do.


Everyone posts about how long it’s been since the last time they post, so I’m going to stray away from it and get right into what’s been going on (even though I really just put it out there to check how long it’s been, therefore negating the purpose of typing the previous sentence).

I’ve launched two small and relatively personal projects.
The Things I Remember and The Conversations I have; both updated on a daily basis since I’ve launched. Please bookmark them, and share with people that would find them as entertaining as you.

Other than that, I just got back from my trip to Portland and Seattle not too long ago. Most of the photos worth while are here. Enjoy.

Patrick O’Brien Foundation.


Last year I had read that Transfatty, Patrick O’Brien, had developed ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and now the Patrick O’Brien Foundation has been started. There are plenty of causes to help, all worthy of support. However, if you’ve been around the design community for long, you know how much Patrick has contributed and how brilliant his work is.

There are a couple of shorts on the site that are quite good, check them out as well as this. The ’summer promo’ is excellent. Not that the others aren’t, but that one stands out amongst the rest.

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Things I’d like to do before I…


Jeff posted “Things I’d like to do before I turn 30″, and for some reason it made something go off in my head. I haven’t thought about goals/aspirations in a while, for whatever reason. The future used to be the only thing on my mind up until… Continue Reading

But I digress. Back to my lists. I turned 22 in March, and have 3 more years until I turn 25 and start heading into my late twenties. So I have some time to step it up and get motivated again… and this post is going to help (especially if I’m not doing any of these things in a year and can look back on my failure, ha).

Things I’d like to do before I turn 25:
Pay off my car.
Move to, and make a decent living in, Portland, OR.
Visit Japan for an extended period of time.
Write a screenplay.
Buy a house with a massive porch, to do lots of ‘nothing’ on.
Speak at conferences and schools, if not teach.

Things I’d like to do before I turn 30:
Get married.
Direct/Produce a feature length film.
Learn to play the piano (well).
Write for a publication (and a comic, shh).

Flight 3 in hand…


Kazu, over at Bolt City, has the latest edition of Flight in hand and it looks fantastic. There are a couple of big names contributing this time around, and I can’t wait to read it once it gets here. If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, click here and hop to it.

Quote from Kazu: I’m so proud of everyone involved in this project, and I have to thank the fine folks at Ballantine Books for their dedication to the book, and for really opening my eyes to the level of professionalism afforded by the big trade book publishers. We already have ten times as many pre-orders for Flight 3 than we did for either 1 or 2, and the quality of the production is impeccable.
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Best Conversation, Ever.


Krysten: i got stung by a bee this weekend
Me: that’s a terrible thing to be stung by
Me: where’d it sting you?
Krysten: my head
Me: face?
Krysten: top
5:00 PM
Me: in your large forehead?
Krysten: my huge forehead, yes
Krysten: no, like, the top of my head
Me: haha, that really sucks
Me: i’ve never been stung in the head
Me: and i was only kidding about your fivehead
Krysten: i have before. by a wasp, four times
Me: are you fucking kidding?
Krysten: no
Krysten: i almost drowned too
Me: at the same time?!
Krysten: yes

Silly Jew Rubbish…


So today I was inviting friends to see my Google Calendar and share events and such, moving around the interface making sure it’s someting I want to use permanently (and it is)… when I look at my buddy Jeremy’s calendar and see random dates with what looks like lipsum or something.

Me: what’s up with your calendar?
Jeremy Kendall: whats up with it
Me: it has random dates with rubbish? like Rosh Chodesh Iyyar
Me: or Pesach I
Jeremy Kendall: racist… lol… its jewish holidays
Me: hahaha, silly jew boy!
Jeremy Kendall: crap, i cant un-import calendars …. we might be stuck with the jewish holidays.. lol
Me: no clear calendar?
Jeremy Kendall: no cause i integrated it into my main one
Jeremy Kendall: didnt realize there was 5000 jewish holidays
Me: haha
Me: i seriously thought it was like lipsum or something
Jeremy Kendall: haha
Jeremy Kendall: phew, that was a lot of work…. got rid of the dirty jew holidays…
Me: haha, good.

Easy mistake, right?

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