You never knew you could have…


Getting out of my car, after the service guy takes down my vin number, I head over to the service manager with whom I made the appointment with on the day prior. After balancing manners, quips, and adult language I am lead to the dungeon. While walking at a slowish pace I am shown to three lounges, a bar with fresh fruit, water, sodas, and pastries, followed by a business area where mongoloidal burnt out, post-child rearing adults gawk at my black hoodie, white American Apparel polo, plaid shorts, and boat shoes.

After my escort departs, I wander to the men’s restroom where I find treasures Aladdin could never dream up. Cloth like paper towels, pearly urinals, gold flake embedded sink basins, whicker chairs that could be used for napping, and enclosed stalls with personal sinks and full-bodied mirrors in stalls so you can watch yourself defecate and dream about how the shit squished from your browneye.

After leaving the comforts of the bathroom I braved the hallway leading to the lounge far away from the 40 year-old mongos.heading towards the light I heard the siren call of Genesis, followed by the sight of angels.

This my friends… is luxury. Fuck leather seats that blow cold air on your ass, or a light strategically placed right above your cupholder, this is now my sanctuary. Within a month, they will know my name.

UPDATE: After paying my tab of $225 for a tuneup, I was given two golden boxes of truffles. I ate one giggling on the way home.

speed reading


I always thought the way I read items that weren’t very interesting was cheating… but apparently it’s called speed reading. Kim Roach wrote a spot on ZenHabits about speed reading, and it’s rather great. It talks a bit about how to drop the inner-monologue, in attempt to soak as much information as possible. She introduces Spreeder, which helps focus your speed reading ability. If you’re reading an article, copy/paste it into Spreeder and practice.

By simply learning how to process information at a more rapid rate, you’re not only going to be able to move through books more quickly, but you will also be able to comprehend and process more of what you have read.

Over Clock Your Reading Speed

Mark My Words!


Scientists / Meteorologists will officially come out and say that we have a new season between winter and spring within the next two years. It’ll be called Splendor.

CS3 Stylized Icons For OS X Apps


Download icon replacements for most all OS X applications to match the new Adobe Creative Suite 3. Including Firefox, iTunes, Microsoft Office, VLC, Delicious Library, Newsfire, Transmit, Stuffit, Textmate, and more. Downloaddigg story

It’s back.


I’ve decided to bring this back, rather than do a misc post and random memories blog; I’ve since opened a tumblog at for that.

I’ll start posting actual things that matter on here as soon as tomorrow. I’ve got a lot on my mind, and would like to share it.

Nike Cosplay


So Nike Japan has realeased a new Nike ID… the Nike Cosplay Outfit. Customize your costume, just like you would a pair of sneakers. It’s amazing. Their ad campaign is really brilliant too:

Nike ID - Cosplay

Mauro Gatti - The Brain Box


Brain Box

Mauro Gatti has been putting out a ton of solid illustration and motion work. Interesting style, totally playful. I dig it.

More images after the jump, or just click the link below to check out his site.

The Brain Box

Stussy + Nike


Stussy + Nike

A conversation with Paul Mittleman, Creative Director - Stussy Inc.

Besides working with over 40 artists and designers to remix their iconic World Tour T-shirt, Stüssy has also created designs for three sneakers, one of them a brand new model alltogether, that are part of this immense project.

Paul Mittleman gave us some insight into the project and his thoughts on aspects of the sneaker business in general.

Read Article

a-ha! Things that i do.


Everyone posts about how long it’s been since the last time they post, so I’m going to stray away from it and get right into what’s been going on (even though I really just put it out there to check how long it’s been, therefore negating the purpose of typing the previous sentence).

I’ve launched two small and relatively personal projects.
The Things I Remember and The Conversations I have; both updated on a daily basis since I’ve launched. Please bookmark them, and share with people that would find them as entertaining as you.

Other than that, I just got back from my trip to Portland and Seattle not too long ago. Most of the photos worth while are here. Enjoy.

Spring Mixtape.


Ahh, Spring time. Time for a tastily awesome mixtape. You ready? You might be, but since I can’t see how prepared you are… I’ll just take your word. It’s a bunch of music I’ve found since 06 mixed with some relics. Don’t you like how people ‘find’ music? It’s like you have to explore the caverns of awesomeness to find quality music. Links after the jump… Continue Reading

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