Congrats to all rebooters


Today is May 1st, and that’s the end point of all Rebooting, and time for voting. Whether your interest peaks at CSS or goes to flash, make sure you vote either way. There’s a lot of good stuff this year and it should be great to see who comes out on top. The previous years have been okay, with the exception of the 2004 winner… which was rather excellent. I’ll dig around and see if I can’t find it. It seems a lot of people this year are doing a lot of things just the same as everyone else, and design isn’t about consistancy, haha. INOVATION, get to it.

Even giants reboot, but it’s about time. It’s been the same since he was all about PS.

Below will be my picks for the prizes.
DFORM1 (Only because he’s always put out amazing work)
Heuser Kampf (Simple and Clean)
Factory4 (Fairly great work!)

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