The Future Loves Change.


Friday marked my last day at TaylorMade-adidas Golf, and a new career at Digitaria (origin). I’m very excited about the things to come and being able to retain my relationship with the people at TMaG while building new ones with the wonderful people at Digitaria. I’ve been so fortunate to work for/with such great companies, but nothing beats being around the incredible people I’ve met at both of these companies; I couldn’t ask for more (well, having a window will be sweet :D). So for the month of March… I turned 22, signed the paperwork for my new car, got the new position at Digi, and finally launched this site. I can’t wait to see what happens in April. -_-

Right now Flight of The Navigator is up on my movie audio player on the homepage, and I think the next one will be The Squid and The Whale… or Primer. If you have any dialog focused movies that you think would be great to post, send me an email or drop a comment, I’m definitely looking for more ideas. It’s a bit weird, yet awesome to finally have a site up that I enjoy looking at and writing for that I can’t wait till I can post more constructive articles, links, and what have you next week. But for this week, I’ve found this great rather amazing band called The Chinamen, whom I can’t find any information on. I’ll be posting an music player on the sidebar of the root of this site below the movie audio player, and I’ll make sure to put some of their tunes in there.

Also, since I suffer from something I call “Hair Disappointment,” I decided to rock the baldness. I like how it put me up 3 notches on the bad ass scale right away. I was walking out of 7/11 this evening with my hands full so I used my foot to open the door… and in the reflection I looked like some maniac kicking in the door or someting. Without even furrowing my brow, I can intimidate small children and possibly animals with ease. Flying Cat, a hong-kong based independent vinyl toy maker, has put up their new site with goodies and information on each designer; which is almost as badass as my shiny dome and neck bear.

Alright, it’s time to snooze. Cheers.

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