Google has TV now? / Spore?


It’s been busy around here, but where the hell did come from? And since when does Google have an updated tv show ever HALF hour? and since when did Spore become something more than screenshots and clever copy? But first things first… current is apparently: “A national cable and satellite channel dedicated to bringing your voice to television.”

Before I go on complaining about how it’s not really available ‘nationally’, here’s a link to an interview on google current that some might enjoy. It’s a quick interview with two of the folks from the Robot Co-Op, aka the minds behind 43things, 43places, 43people,, and so on.

However, not in San Diego but select cities only (depending on the provider). I’d be really excited to see how this actually works and if it’s a total content overload. Back on topic, though. Google’s 2-6 minute segments are played on the half hour, every hour. I’m actually really impressed with their intro… they’ve done good as far as asthetics go (for once). They’re definitely not known for making things pretty. The content that’s on is very all over the place, but very focused on internet culture as a whole. Tributes to that fat numa numa kid singing/dancing to that song; how boingboing is blocked by sites because its pornographic, yet not really; and more. I’m really jealous of anyone that can actually get this channel, bastards.

Now for the really good stuff. SPORE

The images and such that first came out for this game did it absolutely no justice. This video is over a half hour long and will just blow your mind. NOTE: Dammit, I just spent some time trying to get this video into wordpress, but I failed. So, instead of writing how I feel this game will ruin my world as I know it… I’m just going to drop the link. LINK I’ll go into it more tomorrow.

Links: ( 43people, 43places, 43things,,, Google Current, Robot Co-Op, Spore )

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