I Am Legend - The Will Smith Paradox Part One


I’m wondering how someone casts Will Smith as Robert Neville for the screen adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. I have absolutely nothing against Mr.Smith, or his acting; I think he’s a fine actor. Seeing how they changed the whole entire plot-line, I guess it makes sense to cast the least-likely-to-play-the-main-roll as the main roll. However, he should have nothing to do with this movie.

This isn’t like casting a female for the part of Starbuck, in Battlestar Galactica, but rather someone that doesn’t fit the description at all. Robert Neville needs to a scraggly guy who can grow a beard (don’t talk about fake beards and make-up, everyone knows he can’t grow a beard), gain a few points, and yell without you remembering he’s the Fresh Prince. AND how the fuck does someone who finds a child’s chemistry set in the novel, turn into a brilliant scientist in the film? Ack! I’m so bitter about this whole thing.

I was totally going to get “I Am Legend” on my chest in Univers Condensed Medium all caps, but now, I’m a bit iffy about the whole thing. :\

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