San Diego… not so bad after all.


Do you ever listen to a song, or a band for that matter, and automatically associate moments or feelings in your life to it/them? Aural nostalgia? This happens way too frequently; sometimes I’ll take a song and attach it to a goal or ambition rather than a memory. For instance, anything by Minus The Bear will translate to “living out the rest of my life sailing, drinking amazing beers, playing golf and tennis during the summer/fall and reading, writing, and entertaining in the winter/spring up in the Pacific Northwest“. Not that it’s going to happen anytime soon, because I’ve started to actually like San Diego finally. However, SD hasn’t earned a song/band, yet. Certain neighborhoods, resturants, cafes, and people make it worth while. I’m not the beach life style stereotype, and having 300+ days of nothing but blue skies totally destroys me, but it’s far better than freezing rain, black ice, and other things to make it easy to stay inside rather than enjoy everything a city has to offer.

I love the harbor and driving on the coast on a brilliant day, going to the beach at night, having bonfires and such… but it’s hardly Karate Kid (I know it’s based in LA, but you get what I mean). Most beach areas down here attract metric ass-tons of douches (with the exception of La Jolla, Del Mar, and some beaches in Carlsbad), tons of shitty resturants, and over-priced $1,300 studio apartments the size of my closet. If you were really interested in living the beach lifestyle without having to be around tons of dude bros and fuck offs, don’t come to San Diego. Try Laguna or somewhere in southern Orange County. If you’re looking to find a small clutter of culture, great music, amazing food, without the big-city-you’re-going-to-get-lost-and-possibly-raped feeling… San Diego is the closest thing south of Portland that has something to offer. If you meet anyone that knows anything about the indie/interesting scene down here you’ll find that South Park, Golden Hill, North Park, Mission Hills, and a small section of Downtown have a small collection of amazing hole-in-the-wall type resturants, shops, bars/clubs, and venues.

Sneaker Freak? Used records and vinyl toys? Cocktail table Ms.Pacman with the speed turned up while drinking pretty decent hefeweizen and listening/watching great live music? Cheap (not cheap-cheap, but comparatively cheap), semi-hard-to-find apartments in the neighborhood where you spend most of your time anyways, because the beach snobs think poorly of it? Amazing meatloaf or breakfasts in the smallest big kitchens? the BEST mexican food, hands down, that you can get from any hut?

…San Diego. I admit it, after all this time… that it’s not that bad.

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