Silly Jew Rubbish…


So today I was inviting friends to see my Google Calendar and share events and such, moving around the interface making sure it’s someting I want to use permanently (and it is)… when I look at my buddy Jeremy’s calendar and see random dates with what looks like lipsum or something.

Me: what’s up with your calendar?
Jeremy Kendall: whats up with it
Me: it has random dates with rubbish? like Rosh Chodesh Iyyar
Me: or Pesach I
Jeremy Kendall: racist… lol… its jewish holidays
Me: hahaha, silly jew boy!
Jeremy Kendall: crap, i cant un-import calendars …. we might be stuck with the jewish holidays.. lol
Me: no clear calendar?
Jeremy Kendall: no cause i integrated it into my main one
Jeremy Kendall: didnt realize there was 5000 jewish holidays
Me: haha
Me: i seriously thought it was like lipsum or something
Jeremy Kendall: haha
Jeremy Kendall: phew, that was a lot of work…. got rid of the dirty jew holidays…
Me: haha, good.

Easy mistake, right?

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