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Jeff posted “Things I’d like to do before I turn 30″, and for some reason it made something go off in my head. I haven’t thought about goals/aspirations in a while, for whatever reason. The future used to be the only thing on my mind up until recently, and now I feel like I’m caught up too much in the moment to see what lies ahead. Haven’t been looking towards my future as much as I’d like, even started falling for girls again. Probably sounds retarded, but I swore off dating/relationships up until about three months ago… just so I could focus on my career. 24/7 work. If I wasn’t working, I’d be thinking of things to better my life, projects I could undertake to bring in supplement income and hopefully take off into new/better projects. I could never ignore someone I love to persue my work, so I put myself in a position where I wouldn’t let it happen. In my opinion — which has 2 years of research behind it, both parties are much better off if you’re to work towards your goals without being involved. However, once you’re where you ‘want to be’, you’ll want to share it with someone, right? After settling down into a steady income you can find that person.

But I digress. Back to my lists. I turned 22 in March, and have 3 more years until I turn 25 and start heading into my late twenties. So I have some time to step it up and get motivated again… and this post is going to help (especially if I’m not doing any of these things in a year and can look back on my failure, ha).

Things I’d like to do before I turn 25:
Pay off my car.
Move to, and make a decent living in, Portland, OR.
Learn to sail.
Visit Japan for an extended period of time.
Write a screenplay.
Buy a house with a massive porch, to do lots of ‘nothing’ on.
Speak at conferences and schools, if not teach.

Things I’d like to do before I turn 30:
Get married.
Own a 30ft+ sailing yacht.
Direct/Produce a feature length film.
Learn to play the piano (well).
Write for a publication (and a comic, shh).

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